City Council, Mayor, J Johnson
BZB City HALL Council Chambers


Jestin Johnson from Metro Atlanta, GA Takes Questions from BZB Mayor and Council  (photo CAlton/CochiseTALK.com)

Before getting a 7-0 nod as preferred candidate for the City Manager position in Bisbee,  Jestin  Johnson of Metro Atlanta took one last round of questions in Public from the Mayor and Council.  Johnson beat out 4 other candidates following a day of closed questioning from numerous panels.  Johnson got his start in local government admin in Tucson.  "Arizona is definitely a place that draws you" he told council in his closing remarks.  Johnson's confirmation as the next Bisbee City Manager is pending final contract negotiations.  See his full employment app at www.cochiseTV.com under "Articles".  To hear Johnson's responses just click on the white arrow on the left end of the red bar below.  (audio runs 31m 30s)

John MacKinnon/Council
BZB CITY HALL Council Chambrs


John MacKinnon, Council
BZB City Hall Council Chambers


Council and Staff
BZB City Hall Council Chambers


A 1% sales tax increase would produce about $760K per year for Bisbee. What will it take to persuade tax and government wary voters in November?  Mayor Badal is pushing to present a united front to the community.  But can council and principal staff all agree on what to promise the voters about how the money will be spent?  This meeting gets down to some nitty gritty.

After two failed attempts to get voter support for a 1% sales tax increase, BZB Council seems to be united for the first time on the question of taking the question to the public.  Still, there are differences over what should be done with the money, about 3/4 of a million dollars per year.  In this nearly one hour discussion including input from staff (featuring Public Works Director Tom Klimek who is a candidate for the new City Manager position), no one seemed to object to the $15-20 thousand dollar cost of putting the item on the ballot if there is no other need for a General Election in November   No action was taken.  Further discussion is already planned for April 8th in a Special Session... next stop is probably an agenda item on a regular council meeting.  Public push back is most certainly anticipated.   To hear this historic discussion, just click on the arrow on the red bar below,

BZB Council and Staff In Work Session 040114
BZB City Hall Council Chambers


To listen just click on the white arrow on the red bar below. 


Adriana Z Badal
BZB City Hall Council Chambers

Badal_w_Chief_Elkin_retirement.jpg  Photo from Adriana Badal Facebook page

Badal: "Thank you Chief Jim Elkins for 40 years of service."

Meeting begins with the Mayor's announcements which include Water Conservation proclamation, Earth Day clean up schedule, and Honoring Police Chief Elkins retiring that day (April 1, 2014) after 40 years with the Department.  Also featured is County Sheriff Mark Dannels who worked under Elkins 30 years ago. (length 22m)     To listen just click on the white arrow on the red bar below. 

BZB City Hall Council Chambers

Call To The Public, Consent Agenda

Item 3 - Home Rule Option (Expenditure Limit Increase) first public discussion, 2nd on April 8

Item 4 - Discuss authorizing election on certain items per Charter Review Committee (defeated)

(Length 20m 52s)  To listen just click on the white arrow on the red bar below. 

BZB City Hall Council Chambers


Item 5 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

Item 6 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

Item 7 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

Item 8 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

Item 9 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

Item 10 - See agenda at cityofbisbee.com

(length 27m 23s) To listen just click on the white arrow on the red bar below. 

BZB City Council Chambers

Item 11 - (adjourn to executive session and return)

Item 12 - 

Item 13 - discussion of City Manager position, now 5 applicants, need panelists for interviews

Item 14 - Interim City Manager's report


(Length 23m 46s) To listen just click on the white arrow on the red bar below. 

Bisbee City Hall/Council Chambers


The Bisbee  Community Sustainability Commission seems to be struggling with its own sustainability. The wheels of progress with this group grind exceedingly slow as members grapple with priorities, procedures, and communication with 3/4 of a year under its belt..  

In this unedited audio transcription of the March 24th, 2014 monthly meeting you'll hear: Call to the public, A participatory open forum on sustainability priorities, And a frustration-filled discussion on establishing procedures for getting items added to future meeting agendas.  

EDITOR: This Commission is too important to suffer ineffective leadership and in-figting which is the hallmark of TCSC thus far.  Listen to this most recent meeting.  Then, attend one, next April 28 at 6pm.  Tell this commission about your expectations, with ideas for how to improve progressing Bisbee's handle on its sustainable future.


 APRIL 28,2014 MAY 19,2014, JUNE 23, 2014 JULY 28, 2014 AUGUST 18, 2014 SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 OCTOBER 27, 2014 NOVEMBER 17,2014 DECEMBER 22, 2014

CochiseTALK.com and CochiseTV.com are committed to reporting on the activities of the Bisbee Community Sustainability Commission.

Chuck Alton, AZ Badal Interview
Old Bisbee, Midday, Outside The Coffee Company

(Bisbee) After months of inquisition of the Bisbee Animal Shelter which began last fall after a local Veterinarian filed a written complaint charging the City operated shelter with criminal long term neglect and mismanagement, and including a Sheriff's Department investigation, the BAS was closed in February for maintenance and improvement made possible by a grant, a part time coordinator was hired, and the facility was  reopened last week and is now accepting wayward cats and dogs.  According to interim City Manager John Mackinnon this is a soft opening and we're still "working out a few kinks". He did not elaborate.

 In an exclusive interview with Bisbee Mayor Adriana Badal last Monday, the Mayor acknowledged the opening but said she was starting to get calls from "Friends of the Animal Shelter" and others complaining that "things at the shelter were going back to the way they were (last Fall)".  One of the problems seems to be that people are calling the shelter but the phone just rings and no one answers.  Badal raised this issue in our interview and again Tuesday night during Mackinnon's CM report to the City Council.  Mackinnon seemed unaware of the phone problem but did say that he is not surprised the shelter phone was not answered because most the time no one is there.  When Badal asked about an answering machine Mackinnon said we would check out the problem.  Apparently, the new Shelter Coordinator does not have a cell phone.

Mackinnon noted at Tuesday's City Council meeting that "before and after" pictures of the shelter before it closed and now (see below) show the many improvements made.  Still, procedurally, members of the community and Badal worry that the City may still not "get it", and are expressing their concerns.

 Hear the "Animal Shelter" portion of our exclusive interview with Mayor Badal, below.

(Photo) First term Bisbee Mayor Adriana Zavala Badal: "We're not there yet with the animal shelter". Badal has let it known she will not run for a second term in deference to her family life.  She had never planned on a second term.




Various Citizens (See below)
BZB City Council Chambers

BZB COUNCIL 030414 Call To Public:  Public comments on various topics: City Manager candidate background checks, Vogue Inc GLOW events, praise and objections to new plastic bag ordinance, (N. Knight, RA Porter, S. Sturz, F Miller)  running time: 11m 21s. 

MacKinnon, Daily, see below.
BZB City Council Chambers

BZB COUNCIL 030414 Action Item: Amending Water Conservation Program of the City of Bisbee zoning code, and plumbing code. (John MacKinnon, Cado Daily, Ken Budge, Council Vote)  running time: 14m 17s.

Bisbee PD
BZB City Hall

BZB COUNCIL 030414 Action Item: BPD Main Street traffic survey pursuant to a few speeding complaints. (John MacKinnon, BPD Officer, Complainant, Council)  running time: 27m 29s

MacKinnon, etc. See below.
BZB City Hall

BZB COUNCIL 030414 Action Item: To support the County in its opposition to G Griffin sponsored bill SB 1483 to add two seats to the County Board of Supervisors.  (John Mackinnon, CTP, E Conners, Council Votes) running time 5m 21

Mayor, Council
BZB City Hall

BZB COUNCIL 030414: Vote to go into Executive Session to discuss employment and appointment of a City Manager.  Council reports after session instructing staff to continue its search.  MacKinnon agrees to stay on as Interim CM.  running time 2m 12s.

Interim City Manager John A. MacKinnon
BZB City Hall

BZB COUNCIL 030414 - Interim City Manager Report:  Animal Shelter update, Airport update, Vogue, Inc "Glow" event update.  running time 5m 40s. (John Mackinnon)

Bisbee City Council
City Hall BZB

Before last night's regular city council meeting there was a special meeting to give mayor and council an opportunity to tell staff about wishes they have for what might be included in the FY14-15 budget which goes int effect on July 1, 2014. Some of the items mentioned (Partial list)?

- $15K for C of C to "Grow" the 2014 Bisbee Blues Fest from two to 2.5 days
- 3% raise for all city employees
- 1% increase in sales tax for roads and infrastructure
- Feasibility study for "aging in place" facility
- $5K to move Visitor center to Copper Queen Museum
- Fund Animal Shelter co-ordinator for another year
- New lighting on Main Street
- Support Cochise Water project to install eco-toilets

This is a most interesting hour with the council and you learn about their priorities for new spending where possible.

CITIZEN PHOTO: Shawnee Hicks (rt) is caught by the Lens of Tom Nelson at the Feb 4 BZB City Council Meeting. Shawnee is telling council that he did a Google search on their choice for City Manager. Council has since renewed its search for candidates.


Chuck Alton Interviews Cynthia by Phone
CochiseTalk Studios, Bisbee


The people are listening to the mayor (see recent posts Facebook/Bisbee People), who is listening to the people (more posts on Facebook about GLOW 500).  Now, you can listen to the head of Bisbee Vogue and the 1,000 Stair Climb, Cynthia Conroy on CochiseTALK.com.  In a phone interview today for COCHISETALK.com Ms Conroy explains that the issue of getting permits for GLOW, a nighttime mini version of "1,000" scheduled for March 15, is a non issue.  Conroy wants you to know that she is a 2 decade licensed, professional business person/promoter using the stairs to raise money, and that she stands behind her proven ability to run a safe and beneficial fund raiser.  Most, if not all events, she points out, do a lot of planning and producing, even public announcements, long before permits are acquired, or even required.  So what would she do if the event failed to permit after all this preparation?  She answers that question and more in Part 1 of this exclusive interview with Chuck Alton.

John MacKinnon, Bisbee Interim City Manager
Bisbee City Council Chambers

(Bisbee) 1/7/14 Interim City Manager John MacKinnon reports to the City Council for the first time since taking on the part time $60/h ICM job. Describing the city as in a survival mode MacKinnon makes it clear that there will not be big changes during the interim process.  He is also the City Attorney. This report ends with a discussion about the animal shelter which has been closed "for remodeling".


BZB City Council

(Bisbee) January 2014 - So how will the Bisbee City Council select the next City Manager? How long will it take?  Interim City Manager John MacKinnon proposes the process to council at the last regular council meeting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.  20 persons. according to MacKinnon, have applied for the job, and applications will continue to be accepted until the final choice is made. (AUDIO: 5m24s run time)


R Carreira, S Pauken, AZ Badal
Turquoise Golf and RV

(December 12, 2013)  A capacity crowd filled the meeting room at Turquoise Golf and RV for the annual Bisbee Economic Luncheon produced by the Cochise College Center for Economic Research (CER).  Pictured are outgoing Bisbee CM Steven Pauken and at the head of the table is Bisbee Mayor Adriana Badal. Pauken, for his portion of the event, recounted his years as CM and finished with a teary good-by.  Pauken will become Winslow, AZ CM the first week in January,DSC04024.JPG

Chuck Alton with Amanda Baillie
CochiseTALK Bisbee Studios

amanda_baillie.jpgWHAT WILL AMANDA BAILLIE DO NEXT?  After 2 and one half years Amanda Baillie decided to leave her post as E.D. at the SV Chamber.  We wanted to know why, and to talk to her about the condition of business in Sierra Vista, now, and in the near future.  We start off by finding out what brought her and husband Dusty here, all the way from Wales, her country of birth...

Interview with Mayor Adriana Badal
CochiseTALK Bisbee Studios

Screen_shot_2013-11-20_at_5.49.50_PM.png  "BIFF" - IT'S MORE THAN JUST TALK

The Bisbee International Film Festival will premiere November 2014 with a "Borders" theme.  Chuck Alton talks with Mayor Adriana Badal who has been spearheading the project.

Bisbee Council, City Manager and Public
Bisbee City Hall/Council Chambers


November 5, 2013 - Exactly 90 days after the Bisbee City Council and City Manager received a letter of complaint from a local veterinarian charging the city with long term criminal neglect and abuse at the City's Police Department managed animal shelter, giant steps were taken by a 4 vote council quorum to make changes recommended by a local citizens group formed to urge an uncompromising response by the City to the allegations of criminal and libelous mismanagement.

During the 90 days meetings of concerned citizens included members of council, mainstream and social media drew a wider constituency, and major steps were taken by a majority of council to stop the bleeding at the Bisbee Animal Shelter.  In the context of local politics, and given the enormous gap in the City's attention to shelter matters, 

The build up to Tuesday's council meeting is exhibited in the intensity of a two hour long exchange between constituents, council, and a reluctant city manager.  Citizens demanded the shelter be removed from Police Department management.  It would take four council votes to make it happen.  The City Manager fought the idea throughout the entire two hours.  

Items 7 and 8 on the November 5th, 2013 council's agenda were the first items to be discussed regarding the Bisbee animal shelter in 8 years.  The City neglected the shelter and the shelter, in spite of its best intentions, neglected its mission.   Noteworthy is the mountain moved on this nightNovember 5,, after only 90 days of being made aware of the damage done by 8 years of city government  looking the other way.


The City of Bisbee will finish this year having completed the golden triangle of a compassionate community - one that cares about people, with a Civil Union Ordinance, one that cares for the environment, by banning plastic bags, and now, a demonstration of compassion for the animals, so important to so many in this old mining town bent on redefining itself.

(BELOW) Photo of Council chambers, November 5, 2013


City Manager et al
Bisbee City Hall/Council Chambers


City Manager Steve Pauken Tells Council Meeting About short term plans for the beleaguered Bisbee Animal Shelter.

Council and BAS Staff
Bisbee City Council Chambers

Pictured: September 16, 2013 Regular City Council Meeting when Call to the Public heard numerous comments on charges made by a local vet that the Animal Shelter was operating without regard to established shelter norms and laws.  The AUDIO FILE posted here is of the Work Session on September 17 where there was no provision for public commenting and input.  Mayor Badal at the end of the session indicated that the shelter issue would be a Council meeting agenda item soon. SHELTER STAFF was questioned by the Council. There was no discussion of an on-going investigation by CCSO requested by City Manager Steven J. Pauken.  Running time: 2h  11m


download Z0000030_1.mp3
Tom tells us how he became attracted to devoting his life to NWI in Naco, SON
CochiseTALK Studio Bisbee


Naco Wellness Institute President Tom Carlson / CAlton photo

Planting Gardens In Naco, SON to save lives.
CochiseTALK Bisbee Studio


Naco Wellness Initiative President Tom Carlson / CAlton photo

32 Volunteers From Both Sides Of The Border
CochiseTALK Bisbee Studio


Naco Wellness Initiative President Tom Carlson / CAlton photo

Bisbee has passed a ban on plastic bags at retail.
CochiseTALK Bisbee Studios

By a vote of 4-3 the Bisbee City Council voted to ban single use plastic bags at retail in the city.  The ban, which allows customers to purchase paper bags encourages the use of reusable bags that consumers will have to get used to bringing from home (or take from the car) to avoid purchasing paper bags which are also harmful to the environment, some say more so,  We asked Ward 1 City Councilman Gene Conners if the 4-3 vote meant nearly half the council opposed the idea of banning plastic bags or the means the new ordinance goes about doing it...


Bisbee Councilman Gene Conners/CAlton photo

BZB City Council and Public
Bisbee, AZ City Hall